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Add an info field to Customer and Suppliers field (searchable)

Would it be possible to add 1 extra field to customers and Suppliers where you can put in info which would be searchable so that you can add additional info to your customers and/or suppliers which doesn't have anything to do with their contact details.

As example, we send letters to customers annually, now we use a Denomination LS0920 where it is Letter Send (LS) in month 09 year 20. However right now i have to add this to the customer name field, which then prints on invoices... As this is the only field i can freely add info which is searchable.

To be fair, our customer name field right now looks horrible because of the very limited Search functionality...

Customer name -/- Postcode -/- Old Sage customer reference -/- LS0920

And that goes on every letter send to our customers as well.. missing common sense functionality.

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  • Oct 12 2020
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