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Stock Re-Order Level Report with Automated Purchase Order Function

Stock orders can be a very tedious process and running out of stock is not only embarrassing but also costs a company money in terms of loss of potential income.

Currently, determining how much stock needs to be ordered , one must export the quantity on hand to an excel spread sheet, compare it against a stock level colomn that is created by hand and subtracting the quantity on hand from the said stock level. Then you have to go and fill out a Purchase Order manually for each supplier and stock item.

Having an automatic stock level controller and purchase order creator is no longer a "would be nice to have" feature for us, it is a necessity.

The time it takes us to calculate and produce purchase orders from separate spreadsheet is just too much.

I believe that a great percentage of current Sage users, worldwide, would welcome these features, as one would expect it to be standard with any stock management system.

It would be difficult to calculate how many potential users Sage is loosing or how many of Sage customers have already migrated to other software providers just because Sage do not have these critical features available.

I have previously worked for hardware store that used IQ Retail which had these feature and it made stock control and order a breeze, however IQ Retail software is much more complicated to navigate and populate, it is also cluttered with an array of unnecessary fields. TOO COMPREHENSIVE for small to medium size businesses.

In short the following extra fields needs to be added to the:


> Supplier > Supplier Code> Max Stock Level> Re-order Level > Order Quantity (to be automatically calculated from Stock on Hand)*


> Transactions > Supplier Purchase Orders > Add Purchase Order

> Automatic Calculate Order** (to be automatically calculated from the above additional field data)

Preferred Stock Level could also be calculated automatically by taking items sales over a period of say 12 months and dividing it by 12 or how ever many months of stock you wish to carry, or it could be set manually.

Please discuss with with developers.

I personally think this can be brought about relatively easily and quickly, without compromising customers existing data.

Kind regards

Conrad de Swardt


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  • Dec 3 2020
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    3 Dec, 2020 10:38am

    Please share and vote for this feature to be made standard for Sage Accounting.