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Paypal - API's should bring in Gross fees and back out Paypal Credit Card fees


I am on SBCA and I have paypal synced as a bank account.

I have a $50 invoice sent to a customer.

Customer pays $50 from paypal (gross).

Paypal has $2 fees (expense).

Bank feed pulls in $48 (net).

As an accountant, I have to manually modify the $48 bank feed, and they have two components to it that need to be split out.

My ask: I want SBCA bank feeds to pull in and match with the $50 invoice (sitting in my A/R), and yet also record the $2 credit card fees. I want SBCA's API to sync with Paypal's API to pull the Gross amount (Paypal detail attached), to pull the fee into the split transaction line without having to modify it.

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  • Jan 15 2021
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    17 May, 2021 02:10pm

    Nous avons le même problème, les transactions importées via Bankin déduisent la commission de paypal, réduisant la transaction d'encaissement du cllient , ce qui pose problème pour associer avec la facture et reconcilier. Le relevé de Paypal contient bien 2 transactions séparées, une pour l'encaissement, l'autre pour la commission.