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Display sums of total value and unpaid value on "Sales Invoices" list page & similar pages, based upon ticking check boxes on rows

On (for example) the "Sales Invoices" list page, it would be really useful to be able to tick the check-boxes of invoices of interest and automatically have displayed on the same page the total value of the ticked invoices, and also the total unpaid value of these invoices. This would be useful on sales invoices, purchase invoices, quotes, estimates etc.

(Similar behaviour to Excel, where if you select several cells with numerical data, Excel automatically displays the sum of the cells at the bottom of the window).

I often find myself reaching for the calculator when viewing these pages to see the total of an arbitrary list of invoices of interest.

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  • Jan 21 2021
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    4 May, 2022 11:25am

    This seems like a very obvious thing to be missing.

  • Guest commented
    29 Jan, 2021 09:45am

    Me too, I've just mentioned this for supplier invoices, but the principle is the same - how much do all of those lines add up to? No way to tell, out comes the calculator