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Nominal Activity Report

It would be great if I could produce a nominal transaction report PDF or CSV for a particular project or department and the total for each nominal for the particular project is showed at the bottom as on Sage50. At the moment the report shows the transactions but the totals are shown for the whole ledger.

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  • Jan 25 2021
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    29 Nov, 2022 05:33pm

    New Nominal Activity Report - I was pleased to see that the filters for this report had improved. However, when I went to try to run the filter by project, the list only shows some of our projects (we have many projects) and there is no way that I can increase the number of projects from which to make a selection, the only alternative is to go back to the old way of getting the Nominal Activity Report and then exporting to csv and ultimatley saving to excel, then manipulating the spreadsheet to obtain a balance. This is very frustrating - it's like being offered a piece of candy and finding that it has no flavour. When are you going to complete/improve this process? It's very frustrating to go backwards?!!!!!!

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    10 Oct, 2022 10:55am

    I agree with comments , I also moved to Sage Cloud on the basis that I could still obtain Nominal Ledger analysis on a Departmental basis, only to find I have to run separate reports for each individual department - more time consuming that the "old" Sage 50 Accounts plus desktop. This can't be "progress"!!

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    18 Jul, 2022 02:56pm

    I signed up to Sage as I was told that I could use Analysis Types to categorise our spending and that I would be able to report on them. However, I've now discovered that the only way to get the information is to run an activity report for each individual Analysis Type and then combine them in a spreadsheet, which is extremely time-consuming and ridiculously frustrating, as the information is in Sage, I just need to be able to extract it!!!!! Why can't there be an Analysis Type column on the Activity Report so that the information can be easily seen. I feel that I was very misled by the person that gave me the demo of Sage and signed me up for it!!!!

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    1 Mar, 2022 04:43pm

    i need to be able to view which transactions are allocated to which projects. also need to be able to identify if any have been missed a project allocation. This is important to us for job costing.

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    26 May, 2021 03:40pm

    I have a similar requirement to be able to report on individual transactions by nominal code by code/name within a selected analysis type for a selected range of nominal accounts and a selected period/ range of periods and to be able to drop the results in Excel via CSV

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    5 Feb, 2021 04:25pm

    Being able to report a particular nominal with breakdown of anaylsis types would also be great!