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Unit price and quantity in Start / Quantités et prix unitaires dans Start/precio unitario y cantidades

As a start user i would like to be able to add a unit price and quantities for each line items in my invoices, and the amounts to calculate automatically.

Currently i have to manually calculate the total amount. and add the quantities/unit price in the description. or upgrade to the full package with Product management.

This is a basic invoicing feature that should be present in any basic package like Start; independently from a product catalogue feature.

FR > j'aimerais pouvoir renseigner les quantités et prix unitaires dans Start; et ne pas avoir à calculer le montant total manuellement pour chaque ligne article

ES> como usuario deSBC Contabilidad y Facturación Autónomos, me gustaría poder agregar un precio unitario y cantidades para cada artículo de línea en mis facturas, y las cantidades para calcularlo automáticamente.

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  • Feb 15 2021
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