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Aged debtor report by due date

It's very difficult to monitor the sales ledger when the aged debtor report is only aged by invoice date. Different customers have different payment terms, so the report should be aged on due date to highlight invoices that are overdue for payment and those that are coming due in the next week. Every other accounting software I have used does this!

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  • Mar 8 2021
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    13 Nov, 2023 02:42pm

    We need to be able to run a debtors report by Due Date (not invoice date). We need reports aged on due dates to keep track of cashflow and payments due.This is a basic report which most other systems have. We need reports aged on due dates to keep track of cashflow and payments due.

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    22 Aug, 2023 08:14am

    Both Aged debtor and creditor reports, either need an option to select by due date or create another set of reports that have the date by due date. Extra credit terms are also needed to arrive at an accurate due date. e.g. End of the month + x Days. EOM + 30 or EOM +60.

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    25 Jan, 2023 10:38am

    This really needs to be addressed. At the moment I am having to download into an excel spreadsheet as a detailed report, then move them over into net monthly months. Same with both ledgers and it is time consuming and inefficient. In my opinion this is a basic thing that should be part of any accounting package to chose a report based on customer or supplier terms and not just in days overdue. Please look into this urgently!

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    14 Nov, 2022 11:11am

    This is such an obvious and basic request. Customers and suppliers have different payment terms. We need reports aged on due dates to keep track of cashflow and payments due. I love Sage, but this is such a problem.

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    9 Aug, 2022 01:56pm

    Agree - we can set the due date for individual records but the due date doesnt show on the supplier or customer activity screen or on the reports. Not helpful or user friendly

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    6 Jul, 2022 08:19am

    Totally agree - it would increase visibility of debt and help with credit control. Currently it causes confusion to the senior management as they get a false sense of what's owed and days overdue.

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    6 Aug, 2021 08:15am

    In Sage 50 we had a report called 'Outstanding Customer Invoices' by due date, but there is nothing similar now. Please can this be added?

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    16 Jun, 2021 04:11pm

    Hi there,

    I run a debtors report every month and it puts the totals into the periods from the date of the invoice not the date due for payment. It would be very helpful to have a debtors report that showed you what was really over as per the customers credit terms and the invoice due date instead of the invoice date.

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    10 Mar, 2021 06:08pm

    The same applies to the Aged Creditors report - it would be much more useful to have invoices aged on their due date rather than the invoice date.