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Transaction editing

Please make editing more flexible, even if only an option for Accountant or Admin users.

If, for instance a client posts a purchase invoice, and uses the wrong VAT code or nominal code, then pays it and runs a VAT return, it is locked for all time, and uneditable. or a bank postign that has been reconciled can't be reallocated without a long winded process.

So the management accounts you then run are wrong, and can't be corrected without very cumbersome credit, repayment, re-entry and repayment, rereconcile.

I can't explain to a client what to do in any reasonable time, or why it takes so long, and most can't understand why its so inflexible.

As an accountant, it makes the software unrecommendable, much as I like some aspects.

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  • Mar 12 2021
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