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Add a DISCOUNT line to ‘Money in /Money out’ in cash book

Suppliers and customers often  give small discounts on invoices and receipts

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  • Jan 25 2020
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    10 Mar, 2020 09:44am


    Currently for scenarios such as this you would have to record an extra transaction as a receipt for the discount.

    If you are using a Bank Feed or Statement Import then the "make adjustment" option in the bottom right when matching a transaction will allow you to do this.


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    9 Mar, 2020 09:49pm

    Hi . By way of example.

    I only use money min/money out to calculate VAT. On most occasions I purchase products over the shop counter and suppliers often give me a small discount e.g. last week a veterinary bill came to €93 and thy vet rounded it back to €90 when I went to pay the bill. The invoice had been made out (incl VAT)for €93. I struggle trying to put the correct VAT into sageone. A discount line on the input screen would help ??

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    9 Mar, 2020 04:31pm


    Thank you for submitting your idea.

    You can currently record discounts when recording Customer Receipts (or Supplier Payments in Accounting) to show a discount you paid/received compared to the value on the invoice.

    However you can't currently record a discount on a Money In/Money Out (Other Receipts/Other Payment in Accounting) transaction as these transactions are designed to be used when there is no invoice involved in the sale/purchase.

    Could you give an example of a scenario in which you would want to record a discount for this transaction type?