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There have been design exploration of new navigations for the mobile apps in the past, but putted on hold since the lack of visibility of the future roadmap, which would be determinant for making the right decision. 

 It haven't been updated since the app first release few years ago. The app strategy not only have changed from standalone to companion to the web app, which would already imply some changes. 

But also and, which is very important, this navigation was designed for an app that was used only to record expenses and payments, after which Invoicing was added, after which almost every other web app feature and artefact was added: it grew terribly and a navigation refactor was never done.

There's an internal heuristic analysis that shows how the app navigation is misleading. It haven't been update to seamlessly include new artefact and features added to the app through the years.

Plus: - it isn't a consistent experience with the web app. Doesn't help to create a seamless experience between platforms (which is one of our design principles)

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  • Feb 21 2020
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