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Customer statements to be defaulted to email not post

Customers accounts default the statements to be sent by post. If we can add an email when creating contact and default to email rather than post to save customers manually changing this in each contact.

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  • Nov 17 2021
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    15 Jun, 2023 07:12am

    That's great that this idea has finally been delivered. However, what would be even better is if a flag could be shown on customer "configure columns" to show what state each customer has been set to ie post or email.

    We have hundreds of new customer cards that have been created as post that we need to go through and change over to email. However, at the moment you have to go through ALL records to check each month as there is no obvious way to see the setting.

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    14 Jun, 2023 04:27pm

    Hi, Setting the default to email for all new customer records is great, but that was only half of the original problem. You still need to manually change each existing customer record to email. We need a way to bulk change all and select existing customer records to set statements via email. We need a way to select all records, not just a page at a time. Bulk processing does not seem to exist in Sage Cloud.

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    14 Jun, 2023 03:55pm

    why has this taken so long, there is so much really bad usability on this system which either gets ignored or takes forever to get sorted. for the size of sage these things should be sorted much quicker....

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    14 Jun, 2023 03:02pm

    Why on earth would the developers ever think it was a good idea to set statements to 'post' as default?? It's not the 1980s!

  • Admin
    Brian Ho commented
    14 Jun, 2023 02:50pm

    Hey there! We really value your feedback - We listened to what you asked for and made this improvement. Please let us know what you think!

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    3 Dec, 2021 11:28am

    Can't believe more people haven't asked for this!

    Changed from Sage 50 this month, have been emailing statements from there for nearly 10 years.

    Have imported 3000 customers across 5 businesses, and just found out the only way I can change to email is manually, per customer. Not even an option in the API!