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Ability to add or remove a line just as F7 and F8 works on Sage Line 50 Merged

The F7 or F8 keys were very handy in Sage line 50 as I do a lot of entries with dates now if I make a mistake right at the end, I then have to delete all the lines prior to the mistake to rectify it.

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  • May 16 2021
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  • Guest commented
    12 Apr, 2023 07:43am

    Will this ever happen????

  • Guest commented
    3 Nov, 2022 11:52am

    Zzzzzz still not added !!!, how come nothing has happened with this yet ????

  • Guest commented
    1 Oct, 2022 11:27am

    @SAGE When is this being implemented please?

  • Guest commented
    26 Aug, 2022 12:00pm

    Still no closer and no update

  • Guest commented
    25 Aug, 2022 01:22pm

    Is this any closer to happening please?

  • Guest commented
    29 Mar, 2022 09:27am

    When is this happening please, it's almost a year since it was flagged???

  • Guest commented
    4 Jan, 2022 07:43pm

    This is a crucial feature

  • Guest commented
    17 Dec, 2021 05:01pm

    @SAGE When is this happening please?

  • Guest commented
    19 Nov, 2021 11:56am


    il faut absolument pouvoir insérer des lignes dans un document ce n'est pas normal que cette fonction n'existe pas. Vous etes le seul logiciel dans ce cas sur le marché....Incroyable

  • Guest commented
    28 Sep, 2021 06:22pm

    This can be done. Go to edit at the top left. A menu will show, pick "add line" or "delete line" I only wish there were short cut keys

  • Guest commented
    9 Sep, 2021 12:01am

    I spoke about this with sage when i moved back to sage from quickbooks years ago, I cant believe that sage still doesn't even have the ability to insert a line, I still prefer sage but it lacks so many features compared to quickbooks, I tend to invoice some jobs monthly with parts in order of when supplied so annoying having to delete and retype because missed one line, such a basic feature that should be incorporated by now, why does it take so long? Sage should be ahead of the game by now!!

  • Guest commented
    16 Jun, 2021 09:33am

    Yes I really miss all these keys too.

  • Guest commented
    26 May, 2021 12:10pm

    I have the same difficulty as I invoice with dates in the lines also

    Would be a great time saver to be able to delete or insert a line in the middle of my invoice