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Ability to add or remove a line just as F7 and F8 works on Sage Line 50

The F7 or F8 keys were very handy in Sage line 50 as I do a lot of entries with dates now if I make a mistake right at the end, I then have to delete all the lines prior to the mistake to rectify it.

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  • May 16 2021
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    28 Sep 06:22pm

    This can be done. Go to edit at the top left. A menu will show, pick "add line" or "delete line" I only wish there were short cut keys

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    9 Sep 12:01am

    I spoke about this with sage when i moved back to sage from quickbooks years ago, I cant believe that sage still doesn't even have the ability to insert a line, I still prefer sage but it lacks so many features compared to quickbooks, I tend to invoice some jobs monthly with parts in order of when supplied so annoying having to delete and retype because missed one line, such a basic feature that should be incorporated by now, why does it take so long? Sage should be ahead of the game by now!!

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    16 Jun 09:33am

    Yes I really miss all these keys too.

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    26 May 12:10pm

    I have the same difficulty as I invoice with dates in the lines also

    Would be a great time saver to be able to delete or insert a line in the middle of my invoice