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Merge duplicated Customers & Suppliers

Some new software I’m using for my business will duplicate any customers already existing in Sage. Therefore it would be great to be able to merge my duplicated customers on business cloud.

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  • Apr 29 2020
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    22 Jan 02:48pm

    I've had a poor experience with Sage One. It's practically useless since it doesn't warn you about duplicate clients. The select items search function is painfully slow, as it can't handle more than 3000 products. Sage One definitely needs a lot of improvements. Should I call you Pastel? Do you remember Palladium? Their platform seems to be doing much better, but it would be great if it was also in the cloud. Then it would really be a game-changer. Sage One.....just update your Old Pastel as it is awful! :)

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    31 Oct, 2023 10:35am

    Please will you prioritise this important feature. I can do it in Xero, but not in sage! This is particularly relevant when taking over from a business owner who's tried using sage themselves and failed miserably!!! I don't need 3 supplier accounts for the same company and it makes reconciling accounts an absolute misery! If I need to move invoices to a different supplier account, it means unreconciling first and if it's been on a VAT return I have to credit and create a new supplier invoice! What an absolute pain in the backside. If Sage staff aren't being asked to pressure test the software and using Xero and Quickbooks to compare, then how on earth are you supporting accountants and bookkeepers?! Additionally, it's no good using perfect information and data - you need to be able to sort out a mess like we have to do on a regular basis! Come on Sage - we need you to do better!!!

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    10 Jul, 2023 01:23pm

    Please this will help. My client is linking to a POS system and the Sage API calls keep creating duplicates

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    31 May, 2023 11:35am

    Please make this happen - as this is a vital tool for keeping things straight

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    27 Mar, 2023 05:49pm

    It would be very useful and time saving if the merge customers feature could be implemented.

  • Guest commented
    18 Mar, 2023 04:02pm

    What?! Why is this important functionality missing?!

    Learning so many disappointing things now, AFTER switching to this platform.

  • Guest commented
    1 Jun, 2022 02:29pm

    An essential feature as other accounting packages offer such a facility to merge accounts..

  • Guest commented
    26 May, 2022 01:33pm

    essential feature as it is too easy to create duplicated contacts. I use this frequently in Xero.

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    22 Nov, 2021 06:01pm

    It would be realy helpfill to neaten things up and avoid incorrect postings etc.

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    17 Aug, 2021 02:55pm

    this suggestion was brought up back in 2012. sage doesn't care once they have your money. not that intuit is any better but at least you can merge your vendor names.

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    7 Jul, 2021 09:17am

    Yes!, I am very careful not to create duplicates but my co-worker just cannot grasp it, this needs implementing!!!

  • Guest commented
    21 May, 2021 12:41pm

    Need this too please, to merge duplicate supplier entries.

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    7 Jan, 2021 09:55am

    Would be very useful to tidy up duplicates created in error

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    27 Aug, 2020 02:12pm

    This would be superb

  • Guest commented
    20 Aug, 2020 12:08pm

    I could really use this option, I believe this should be a basic tool and should already be included in the software

  • Guest commented
    15 Jul, 2020 03:37pm

    I would use this a lot! I'm not sure why we end up with duplicates, but it is frustrating and time consuming to attempt to merge them manually.