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Calculate net from gross

I'd like to enter gross (tax inclusive) values, and have Accounting work out the net value automatically, in invoicing and quick entries. Sage 50 has this feature when posting in the sales and purchase ledger.

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  • Nov 23 2019
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    26 Nov 12:08pm

    I've just migrated over from Sage50 and this might just be the single most frustrating thing that will make me NOT continue to use cloud accounting. Having looked at all the comments which go back a couple of is it still not possible?

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    5 Oct 09:18am

    Really miss this feature

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    5 Oct 08:22am

    Surely this is a simple fix ? I have used Sage accounts happily for years. I moved to cloud due to MTD legislation more than a year and a half ago and found this to be a problem , IT IS STILL NOT FIXED!!

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    15 Sep 02:49pm

    calculate net button was a great function in sage 50 that is needed in 50c. There are work around as the comments below which do work but they are a major "faff"

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    6 Sep 10:12am

    Miss this feature so bad

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    5 Sep 11:52am

    Calculate net feature is needed ASAP

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    20 Jul 02:30pm

    Oh no! We've just recently changed from SAP to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. There was a feature in the settings on SAP that allowed you to choose whether you wanted to input transactions Gross to Net or Net to Gross. I'm concerned that this was first muted in June 2021 and yet this feature has not yet been added a year later. It is so time consuming having to calculate the net on an invoice where the breakdown isn't available on the invoice/document received. Please please please change this and let us know a) if you will be changing it b) a timeframe we can expect a change to take place as I can see this becoming very frustrating. We have only started using this product. I have only migrated some of our clients over at the minute but this is something that would really grate on me so much that it would put me off using the software completely and not migrate the rest of our clients. Please give some feedback on this at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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    27 Apr 04:55pm

    should I enter net or gross figures in sage

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    22 Feb 02:19pm

    yes this is definitely needed, commonly available in quickbooks and big red cloud. should be an easy fix

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    22 Feb 08:04am

    This can be done but only when processing Other Payments or Receipts in Sage Business Cloud Accounting - not for Invoices

    Simply select your VAT rate and then pop your total on the line and the net and VAT amounts will be calculated.

    Just be sure to also pop the total transaction value in the top right of your transaction window or you will be unable to save it.

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    20 Feb 06:56pm

    Tried to do this but will not let me enter a figure in the end column. It stays blue.

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    15 Feb 05:04pm




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    11 Feb 01:07pm

    HI all, I have discovered that if you set the VAT rate you want and leave the Net at zero. Input your gross figure in the end total box and it will then calc the net and Vat back for you.

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    11 Feb 12:59pm


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    9 Feb 09:24pm

    Also I agree calculate net button is needed of a short cut to calculate the net on sage business online. I miss it from Sage 50.

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    31 Jan 02:17pm

    I’ve just joined Sage from QB. I cannot believe I’m going to have to work out the net vat for every single invoice! Not ideal when I’ve joined 9 months into the financial year and have to put all invoices on here! How can this not be a feature???

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    5 Jan 03:30pm

    Not normal to have to calculate manually when we pay for a software that should do such a basic feature for us. Please add this ASAP.

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    22 Nov, 2021 04:28pm

    Please make a calc net button. Makes no sense not to have this.... pain pain pain.

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    28 Sep, 2021 09:45am

    The sooner the better, its a shame this was not considered when the software was upgraded previously.

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    27 Sep, 2021 09:11pm
    Excellent idea, I've always thought of how inconvenient this is but never thought to suggest as an idea. Great!
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