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Make Cloud version like Sage 50 - Budgets

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  • Sep 8 2020
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  • Guest commented
    15 Dec, 2023 04:12pm

    Why would such a great Accounts Software company not include budget functionality. It should be standard in any accounting package.

  • Guest commented
    3 Dec, 2023 11:07pm

    Need the ability to enter budgets against accounts, and use the budget in the column selection in Sage Intelligence.

  • Guest commented
    3 Dec, 2023 11:05pm

    Would like to see an answer to why this is available in other countries?

    We are just starting with Sage, but if it doesn't allow for budgets, we may also have to move on...

  • Guest commented
    3 Oct, 2023 11:27am

    We need budgets to monitor costs, I am one person covering HR Admin and Accounts, along with responding to political issues to Government. I have introduced a number of time saving measures but I work part time.

    I can prepare budget to actuals but this is time consuming.

    I am looking for an alternative but cannot justify the cost of the next level of sage cloud based software.

    Alternative suppliers are to be sourced if this is not added to the current software.

    How is this available in other countries but not here?

    Please update or we will have to move on been on Sage cloud since Jan 2021, but it doesn't meet the bill. Thanks Janine

  • Guest commented
    16 Aug, 2023 10:30pm

    Please make sage online work for budgets

  • Guest commented
    10 Dec, 2022 02:13am

    Une fonction essentielle pour que je quitte acomba ;-)

    Necessary features for a decent accounting solution ;-)

  • Guest commented
    20 Nov, 2022 12:30am

    Is this available yet? It appears to be an advertised feature of the cloud version:

  • Guest commented
    14 Nov, 2022 03:20pm

    Cette fonction serait appréciée.

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2022 03:59pm

    Ce serait vraiment pertinent. Merci

  • Guest commented
    31 Aug, 2022 04:04pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. I guess what you've never had you don't miss if you are new to Sage, but when you've worked for years with 50 Desktop and then transfer to this its a massive shock - it really needs some significant improvements.

  • Guest commented
    23 Aug, 2022 09:25pm

    I would like to customize the reports. Specifically, I want to customize the P/L report so that I can exclude certain accounts from reflecting on the P/L report.

    PLEASE allow us to CUSTOMIZE reports

  • Guest commented
    23 May, 2022 02:57pm

    This thread started in Sep 2020. I am not sure how far it has progressed or how long we have to wait for "this idea likely to be coming your way" but as it is I echo the sentiments of the post from 26 Jan -ie "I have used Sage accounts PC based for over 25 years. 3 months in and wish I had never upgraded to this version"

  • Guest commented
    26 Jan, 2022 04:14pm

    Need more reporting.. or ability to create our own. I have used Sage accounts PC based for over 25 years. 3 months in and wish I had never upgraded to this version :(((( Missing a basic report in Aged Debtors - to sort from 1st of any month, to the 31st.. and export as a PDF like old Sage with the totals included. As it is now, its CSV file to excel, then I have to add the supplier totals.. :(

  • Guest commented
    28 Sep, 2021 08:14am

    Much needed! Particularly budget reports, both overall and by department

  • Guest commented
    30 Jul, 2021 10:32am

    Need more reporting - especially making your own

  • Guest commented
    21 Jun, 2021 01:40pm

    I agree we do need to be able to load budgets to manage spending, especially in times like these when businesses are severely disrupted by the pandemic

  • Guest commented
    6 May, 2021 09:39am

    Including budgets and fixed assets is a must

  • Guest commented
    1 Apr, 2021 11:13am

    Agreed here too - being able to add budgets for each ledger line on Sage Business Cloud would make monthly reporting for budget holders MUCH easier!

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2021 04:16pm

    PLEASE...I am a Non-profit that needs to show my budget when reporting my Income Statement to the board of directors monthly.

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