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Ability to add new lines and change order of lines in estimates and invoices Merged

Sometimes estimates involve typing in a lot of detail. If we've forgotten to add something in and need it to go on a new line between two previous lines, or we need to reorder the information we've inserted, we have to pretty much start from scratch. In Xero, you can reorder the lines or insert a new row and click it to go up between two other rows. Much easier!

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  • Nov 3 2021
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    19 Aug, 2022 09:39am

    I second this. It is so annoying, time consuming and very unprofessional for us to be creating invoices/estimatess without this feature. We often have estmates that are lnenghty and in sections and, as above has stated, if you forget then you have to delete everything up to the point.

    For crteatives like us they are so bad!

    After many years with Sage, if this option isn't added, I'll be considering moving to Xero.