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Custom Invoice Template

I would like to be able to customise an invoice template so it matches into my current branding. I've noticed Xero offer this and would be a great improvement to keep brand consistancy.

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  • May 6 2020
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    20 Jan 02:37pm

    I would have thought this would already be possible in 2022

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    8 Dec, 2021 10:56am

    We've experienced the same issues it seems as everyone else here - migrated from Sage 50 and fully expected some limitation on the layouts etc. but what we have here is something a 4 year old could have designed better and no ability to change it.
    We also adopted the full stop as the only "sensible" option for the contact.
    Not having an option for using/printing the customers telephone number field into an invoice seems particularly short sighted.
    We've been told these issues are going to be addressed within the next couple of months and it won't be quick enough - frankly can't believe the product was ever launched with these restrictions.

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    24 Nov, 2021 10:11am

    I have had the same issue and complaint about this. Was not informed that this would change so drastically from the Sage 50 system. Real backward step for Sage. Totally agree with the comment below about going back to the old system and that Main Contact nonsense. I've not used their workaround as having the words Main Contact at the start of the invoice is stupid. I've gone through all mine and put a full stop instead which is less noticeable but certainly not ideal. This problem should be made a priority for the designers. I certainly won't be recommending this system to other users at the moment.

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    25 Oct, 2021 06:07pm

    J'aimerais avoir plus de souplesse dans la mise en page de mes factures.

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    19 Oct, 2021 03:32pm

    I would also like this function as I would like to move boxes around and delete some information that is not relevant to my company

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    15 Oct, 2021 08:29pm

    We are a yacht club and would like to the option to edit all standard text on an invoice, credit note and statement template. For example, to change the wording from Customer Account to Membership Number.

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    12 Oct, 2021 12:10pm

    Where is report designer...? Why can't I edit "MY INVOICES"? I have so much detail, customer PO, Job ref, Sales order ref and now I cant do that.

    They are VERY basic invoice layouts as on the system also, let alone been able to edit them. Seriously considering reverting back for both my companies.

    And don't even start me on the type "Main Contact" issue.

    I could go on but I have to go and do more administration work on a system I was led to believe would make things more time effective!

  • Guest commented
    5 Oct, 2021 02:10pm

    We really need to be able to edit the contact name on our invoices. We use the same address but to different people its so frustrating.

  • Guest commented
    19 Sep, 2021 11:13am

    If this was raised May 2020 - a year later and no improvements - I think this should be looked at. See other ideas raised relating to the same topic.

  • Guest commented
    19 Sep, 2021 11:03am

    The Invoice template needs flexibility to be able to edit what you see - for example not showing the contact details on the address. The work around of removing the contact name & typing Main Contact -is not good enough. We need to be able to edit what appears on the invoice for this to look professional. (ALSO SEE IDEA S1-I-320 - this needs to be added to this)

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    6 Jul, 2021 02:13pm

    Yes, this is definitely a feature we need. Whilst the templates are ok, all businesses are unique in their own way and to be able to personalise them a bit would be great. Even if it is just a little thing like being able to move the logo or header a little bit. As a service provider none of the suggested templates quite hit the spot for us.

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    16 Jun, 2021 09:19am

    We now have different bank accounts for Sterling, Dollar and Euros. It would be good if we could set up templates with the correct bank details for each currency then when the currency field is populated when creating an invoice it knows which template to call, at the moment we need to use Adobe to edit the invoices which leaves lots of room for error

  • Guest commented
    14 May, 2021 03:28pm

    I was not expecting the templates to be amazing, but as a design business it would be nice to be able to design a template ourselves that was easier on the eye. They look ok on the template selection page, but once applied they look very unprofessional. Please call us and we can help you make a better job of the currrent templates if you can't get a custom builder sorted!

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    12 May, 2021 08:48pm

    The current templates look very basic, i lie some of the feaures on all the templates, being in the service industry (B2C)im trying to put vat on ech line and show it, details in the footers etc but cant be done. Please follow the other accounts packages and have a template designer.

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    9 Apr, 2021 05:12pm

    I am a service business not a delivery business and would like to amend the field for the heading 'Delivery Address' to Service Address in the invoice template. Please can we have more flexibility witht he template.

  • Guest commented
    31 Mar, 2021 10:49am

    Please can we have more flexibility with layout and design for invoices.

  • Guest commented
    26 Mar, 2021 11:05am

    We would like to add additional reference box to both sales & purchase invoice templates - so we have our reference & customers reference on

  • Guest commented
    12 Mar, 2021 02:48pm

    J'aimerais avoir plus de souplesse dans la mise en page de mes factures

  • Guest commented
    11 Mar, 2021 11:18am

    The standard layout of the invoices is extremely poor and looks like a 10 year old has designed it! I agree that this does make us look like a startup business and not very professional. We are considering moving away from this product as we cant see this being resolved anytime soon.

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    24 Feb, 2021 10:27am

    I would like the Onyx (product) and/or Midnight (product) to have the 'code' column removed and have it replaced by Quantity, so the headings read:

    Quantity Description Price/Rate Vat Net Amount

    20 tons of X 10.00 20% 200.00

    I cannot understand/see the relevance of having the product code on the invoice!

    Please give the flexiblity, I know people who have gone to other software packages as this invoice layout is not acceptable.

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