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When matching in the banking module, show transactions that are greater than the amount being matched

Card services such as SumUp take their fee before paying into your bank.

You have allowed for this by adding the "make adjustment" option when matching.

This works fine if you have taken multiple payments that make up the amount transfered daily by SumUp


If your dialy SumUp payment is for ONE PAYMENT only (say £20) and you have entered a "money in" transaction of £20 in the cashbook, then you will never be shown that transaction in order to match it, because the amount paid into the bank would only be £19.80 (if you were being charged 1% by SumUp) and Sage only shows the transactions that are less than the payment to the bank that you are matching.

Obviously there is a workaround for this, which is to discard the transaction in banking and create manual transactions in your cashbook for both the £20 payment and for the £.20 fee payment - but why should we have to resort to this?

The matching function should cater for this case - it must be reasonably common.

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  • Sep 17 2020
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